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Neuerscheinung als Paperback:

review auf der website folgt.

hier die wichtigsten infos vorab:

Price:  $14.95  
Pub. Date:  05/01/2005  
Edition:  First edition  
Binding:  Paperback  
Page Count:  240  
Trim Size:  6 x 9  
ISBN:  1-59228-675-5  
Publisher:  The Lyons Press  
Imprint:  Lyons Press  

The most notorious serial murderer in the annals of British crime actually may have set foot on American soil during the late nineteenth century. In 1891 and 1892, four women were brutally mutilated and killed in New York and New Jersey. Because they were murdered in the same general area and time frame, the circumstances point to the possibility that the women were all victims of the same killer. Severin Klosowski (a.k.a. George Chapman, the "Borough Poisoner"), a prime suspect in the Ripper case, was living in the area at the time.
With Victorian-era New York as his backdrop, author R. Michael Gordon recounts the gruesome scenes, focusing on the details that strongly suggest Chapman and the Ripper were one and the same.
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Re: The American Murders Of Jack The Ripper -Michael Gordon.
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Michael Gordon schrieb auch das Buch "The Thames Torso Murders" (2003 glaub ich). Hat das jemand gelesen? Wenn ja, würde ich gerne wissen, ob der Autor darin tatsächlich Klosowski/Chapman für beide Mordserien verantwortlich macht.
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