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London Walks - Auf den Spuren von Jack the Ripper
« am: 02.08.2012 03:15 Uhr »
Aufmerksam geworden bin ich auf die Touren durch folgenden Blogartikel: London Walks – Die britische Hauptstadt einmal anders erleben

He came silently out of the midnight shadows of August 31, 1888. Watching. Stalking. Butchering raddled, drink-sodden East End prostitutes. Leaving a trail of blood that led...nowhere. Yes, something wicked this way walked, for this is the Ripper's slashing grounds. We evoke that autumn of gaslight and fog, of menacing shadows and stealthy footsteps as we inspect the murder sites, sift through the evidence - in all its gory detail - and get to grips, so to speak, with the main suspects. Afterward you can steady your nerves in The Ten Bells, the pub where the victims - perhaps under the steely gaze of the Ripper himself - tried to forget the waking nightmare. More... And if you'd like a bang-up-to-date independent assessment of our Ripper walk - "an eerie experience" - here are some choice words from the Toronto Star.  Now anyone for some audio? Want to hear the man who is "internationally recognised as the leading authority on Jack the Ripper" in action? I thought so. Click here. And here. And for some stills of the walk and the neighbourhood, click here (Don's the chap wearing the fedora and red scarf and clutching the London Walks leaflets).
And this is pretty neat: Adam's made a handy little video to help out anybody who's arrived late for the walk. It's called The Jack the Ripper Catch Up Film. If you arrive late and the walk's moved off, well, just get your cell phone out, bring up this page and click here and hey presto you'll be able to catch us up.
The Jack the Ripper Haunts Walk takes place
every* single night at 7.30 pm.

Meet the guide just outside the exit of
Tower HillTube.

Tower HillTube is on
the Circle & District Lines 

N.B. on Saturday afternoons there's also a Ripper "matinee".
I.E., we also do the Ripper walk
every* Saturday afternoon at 3 pm.

Hat jemand hier eine solche Führung schon einmal mitgemacht? Gibt es noch andere Anbieter? Wie sind eure Erfahrungen gewesen?

Hier noch ein Video:


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Re: London Walks - Auf den Spuren von Jack the Ripper
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Hier noch die Adresse von London Walks: